Crafts & Arts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers a breathtaking variety of arts & crafts that make it a state with a distinct identity.

Arts & Crafts

Rajasthan offers a breathtaking variety of arts & crafts that make it a state with a distinct identity. Jaipur- the capital of Rajasthan is famous across the world for its semi precious and precious stones & gems. It also enjoys a reputation of being the finest center that offers breathtakingly beautiful prints-specially on cotton fabric.

Jaisalmer is famous for premium quality mirror work, embroidered articles, woolen pattu and various other items.

It also offers a comprehensive range of wooden boxes, trinkets and silver jewelry.

Other examples of the rich arts & crafts tradition of Rajasthan include tie-and-die fabrics and sarees, sanganer prints, brocades; marble statuettes, ivory carving, stone-set and semi precious jewelry, enamel work and countless others.


'The land of Princes', as Rajasthan is called boasts of many a fine kitchen - both within the palaces and outside. Princely kitchens have produced many an incomparable and exotic delicacy of shikar meat. The smoked Rajasthani kebab - sule - is bar-be-cued in about a dozen different ways. At the other extreme is Maheshwari Cuisine or the vegetarian cuisine of the Maheshwars of the Marwar or the Jodhpur area. The Marwaris abstain from roots like garlic and onions, as they are believed to excite passions. The vegetables and other produce are sun dried and preserved to be used throughout the year. Typical of the region, some sun-dried vegetables used in their cuisine are kair (a small berry-like fruit), sangri (quite similar to beans), and phog.

Lentils form an important part of their food, as they are the principle source of proteins. Typical and popular lentil preparations of this region are moong dal khilma a dry lentil preparation tempered with mixed spices, mungodi (cherry sized dumplings of moong dal bound in spicy masala), besan ke gate (gram flour dumplings cooked in a sharp gravy flavored with cumin and asafetida), and a few more. It is interesting to note that Maheshwari cookery uses quite a bit of mango powder. It is used as a suitable substitute for tomatoes, which are scarce in the desert.

Rajasthanis, like other Indians, enjoy their meals with chapattis, puris, kachoris, and plain boiled rice. Raitas, pickles, papads, and chutneys are the normal accompaniments. Besides, Rajasthan is fairly rich in milk and milk products, and produces some rich and top class sweetmeats typical of the region.

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