Government & Administration

"The Government and Administration in Rajasthan are organised on the same lines as in the other states of the country.

Government & Administration

The legislative wing of the State is the Vidhan Sabha or the House of People, Whose members are elected through an universal adult franchise. The State Executive is headed by the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers, together called the Cabinet, who are members of the legislature. The Cabinet exerts legislative control over the Administration.

The Administration is headed by the Chief Secretary who is assisted by Secretaries in charge of various departments. Secretaries, in turn, are assisted by heads of deparments, most of which maintain offices at the district headquarters and below.

The State Government follows a six-day work week with Sunday as the weekly holiday. The second Saturday of each month is a holiday in addition to about twenty other holiDays to commemorate national and religious festivals.

The High Court at Jodhpur with a bench at Jaipur is at the apex of the judicial system in the State with a hierarchy of subordinatecourts at the district level. The High Court is under the federal Supreme Court of India. The legal system is independent of the administrative and legislative systems at both the state and federal level.

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